Adam Grant talks "sparking joy" with Marie Kondo

It was so much fun to open Marie Kondo's March newsletter to find that one of my favorite people - Marie Kondo - had just interviewed another one of my favorite people: Adam Grant! (Make sure to read the interview here.)

I met Adam when I worked at the Wharton School, and he had just arrived as a fresh face on campus. All it took was seeing him speak once to know that he would go on to be one of today's most exciting influencers. In fact, his book Originals (which he discusses in this excellent TED talk) helped me make the shift from my exciting career to an even more exciting chapter as a KonMari consultant helping people to simplify their lives.

Adam urges us to "doubt the default". This has connections to the work of tidying in so many interesting ways. In today's society, we are often overwhelmed with commitments, obligations, and yes, way too much stuff. Adam Grant and Marie Kondo remind us to doubt the default when they ask us to re-examine what is important to us in our lives and to consciously choose belongings, people and career paths that "spark joy."

I can't wait to read Adam's next book, Option B, which he co-wrote with Sheryl Sandberg and will be launched in April 2017.