Spain, The Land of "Spark Joy"

Photo:  Biel Morro

Photo: Biel Morro

The KonMari way of life encourages us to not only surround ourselves with things that spark joy, but also with experiences and people who bring us joy. There are few places on Earth that spark as much joy for me as Spain. I'll be making my next trip there next week, to celebrate my 40th birthday with a dear friend and to mark the start of my newfound life as an entrepreneur.

I'm excited to chronicle a bit of this journey with you, through the lens of "sparking joy". I'll be sharing my journey in true KonMari fashion with brief posts, category by category:

  1. Clothing: Packing a functional capsule wardrobe
  2. Books: Finding books that spark joy while traveling
  3. Paper: The one paper item that I'll bring with me will be my Five Minute Journal. I can't wait to tell you all about it!
  4. Komono (miscellaneous): Organizing travel komono using pouches; a special guest post about packing toiletries from certified KonMari consultant and frequent flyer, Christina Rosenbruch.
  5. Sentimental: Traveling healthfully and frugally (yet richly!); Staying present

So let's get started!

Packing a functional capsule wardrobe

I have always been fascinated with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. (To learn more about capsule wardrobes, you can watch this Today Show video or visit the popular blog, Project 333.) While I don't currently use a capsule wardrobe in every day life, I LOVE the idea of trying to create a capsule wardrobe for traveling, because:

  1. My checked luggage ALWAYS gets lost, so I want to travel with a carry-on only.
  2. I need things that can quickly switch from day to evening (although admittedly my "evenings" in Spain are going to look a heck of a lot different than they did when I was 20 years old undergrad... )
  3. I want to blend in and not stick out like a tourist. (Easier said than done!)

So ... what made the cut?! My capsule wardrobe will contain mostly gray, black and white items, with a few pops of color, and the items will definitely be comfortable for lots of walking and unpredictable spring weather. I had a lot of fun using the Stylebook app to create this gallery.

These items will allow me to mix and match and layer in cooler spring weather. I think I'll toss a chambray shirt in there as well. 

tops & dresses

  • Light and dark gray tunic sweater for cooler nights
  • Light gray sweater/blouse
  • Fushia tunic blouse
  • A crisp white button down blouse
  • Black-and-white nautical striped shirt
  • Off-white blouse
  • Long-sleeved black scoop neck shirt
  • Black cardigan
  • Black t-shirt dress
  • Gray t-shirt dress


  • Black leggings - great for the plane ride!
  • Black pants
  • Dark jeans
  • Lighter jeans


  • Black leather slip-on sneakers - Great for going through security!
  • Black ankle boots
  • Black flats
  • Pearls for day and chandelier earrings for night
  • Patterned scarf - Found this at H&M in the perfect pattern and colors!
  • Gray rain jacket
  • Gray jacket

So there you have it! Stay tuned next time as we tackle Books! (I'd love your ideas on that one....)