Why I’m hosting a film screening

A few months back, I watched a movie - The True Cost - that created a major change in me.The film explores the environmental and social costs of the ways that our society now makes, buys, consumes, and disposes of clothing. It talks about living wages and factory disasters and toxic dyes and clothing ending up in landfills.

It is NOT an easy movie to watch.

I’m always a little bit hesitant about watching these types of movies. I worry that I will come away feeling guilty and unsure of what to do differently.

In this case, there was a definite feeling of guilt after watching it, but there wasn’t the huge hopelessness. There were actually real ways that I could be a part of the solution. ESPECIALLY given my unique role as a professional organizer.

Every day, I am given the unique honor of going into my clients homes to help them de-clutter and simplify their lives. As we implement the KonMari Method™ together, we get into real, deep conversations about how our “stuff” is making us feel stressed-out, overwhelmed, and often times, downright guilty. My clients often know exactly what they are ready to let go of, but they don’t want to carelessly donate to the local bin behind the strip mall.

They want to be much more mindful of what they buy, and when they are ready to let it go, they want to do so purposefully.

So THAT is why I am hosting a film screening. It creates the hard, visceral reaction that is necessary to truly understand a major systemic problem, and it creates the opening for an awesome, practical dialogue of what can be done.

I shared this desire to host a screening with some amazing #ladybosses at Wellstruck’s Ladyboss event, and the stars aligned. Mary Alice Duff of Alice Alexander graciously agreed to host the screening in her boutique, which is a size-inclusive, ethically-made women’s apparel brand. Each piece in the collection is designed, cut and sewn in Philadelphia by a talented team of sewers paid fair wages. Materials are sourced from within the United States with a focus on sustainable materials.

So, call up your lady friends and invite them to a night out in East Falls, PA on Saturday, November 3rd. Space is limited to 25 people. Shopping and mingling starts at 5:30 pm and the movie starts at 6:15 pm. You can get your tickets right here.