Guest Blog: Traveling KonMari Style: Toiletries

Photo Credit:  Amanda Jordan

Photo Credit: Amanda Jordan

This week's blog is written by guest blogger Christina Rosenbruch. Christina is a friend, frequent traveler, certified KonMari Consultant and owner of Spark Joy Space. 

Christina Rosenbruch, Owner of Spark Joy Space

Christina Rosenbruch, Owner of Spark Joy Space

Visiting a new place is an exciting opportunity to explore a different perspective on life. If you’re seeing a new place, it’s a chance to leave your comfort-zone.  After planning your vacation, the challenge begins with deciding what to pack for your trip.  Whether you’re checking your luggage or limiting yourself to just one carry-on, don’t stress!  Instead, take advantage and consider this the perfect opportunity to “KonMari” your toiletries.

I’ve spent many years traveling, and I’ve determined that beyond carrying essential hygiene products, any additional toiletries I include depend on a few other factors. Start with the following considerations to determine what to take with you: Your trip length and destination’s season, climate and accommodations will drive your choices. The Ritz Hotel or a tent? With a close friend or family member or on your own?

Different Trips require Different Toiletries

Of course, different trips will have different requirements. If I’ll be wearing a backpack, I bring a multi-purpose product such as Pure-Castile soap which is a combination body wash and shampoo. I include bug spray and sunscreen. Badger and Bullfrog are two brands that offer combination sunscreen/anti-bug products.  

If my itinerary includes social dinners, such as on a cruise, I’ll include cosmetics. Even in this instance, I suggest that you can still pare down and take only the products that “spark joy” for you. If you haven’t already, before you leave, do a bit of experimenting. Look at what you already have in new ways. You might find that the cream blush you love on your cheeks makes a great lip stain (or vice versa with your lipstick!) 

Staying Within Your TSA Limits

If you’re traveling with only one carry-on bag, remember the United States TSA rules allow for only 1 quart-size plastic bag with 3.4 ounce bottles of liquids. Here are some tips for staying within the guidelines while still having what you need:

  • Many cosmetic companies offer convenient travel-sizes of their products. Google "travel size" and your favorite product to find it.

  • Putting small amounts of product into contact lens cases works great for concentrated liquids.

  • Maximize powder products. Lighter in weight and not subject to TSA rules about liquids, powder foundation like Zuzu Luxe is available in many shades and can be applied as lightly or as heavily as you prefer for a smooth matte finish that is not drying to the skin. (Remember to try any new products well in advance of your travels in case of a possible reaction.)

  • Consider taking along a few packets of powder laundry soap. It takes up little room, adds little weight and allows you to pack a bit lighter knowing you can wash some of your clothing on the road.

  • Pencils for lining eyes and lips also save space and weight.

  • One more pro tip: I place my quart-size liquids bag in a larger gallon-size bag and store them in an outside pocket of my suitcase. It allows for easy access in the security lines while also preventing them from possibly leaking onto my clothes.

In all situations, my goal is to bring the minimal amount, allowing me space in my luggage and more time to enjoy my new surroundings!

That’s it! I hope these tips help. Now get packing and safe travels!

You can learn more about Christina and her company, Spark Joy Space, here!