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Sparking Joy at the Kurtz Collection

  • Kurtz Collection 529 GLEN EAGLE SQUARE (map)

Join me for an interactive talk at the Kurtz Collection’s new location in Glen Eagle Square.

I’ll be sharing the secrets of the KonMari Method, Marie Kondo's unique process focuses on surrounding yourself with only those things that "spark joy."

After this workshop, you'll know how to:

  • Identify which items in your home spark joy and which weigh you down.

  • Create a game plan for de-cluttering, focusing on the 5 KonMari categories.

  • Fold your clothes neatly and efficiently using the KonMari folding method.

  • Donate or sell your items more quickly and easily.

  • Finally, start capturing those family photos and kids' artwork.

  • Buy fewer, higher quality items to stop the endless flow of "stuff".

  • Wrangle playrooms and have productive conversations with family members about their things and the home you want to create together.

Tickets are $18 and include light refreshments and a copy of Marie's second book "Spark Joy," which is a great illustrated tool to help you dive right into the Method. Arrive by 6:15 pm to be included in our door prize!

Stay tuned for details on how to get your ticket!