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“We Asked 7 Pro Organizers: What’s the One Item You Always Buy at Target?”

I was interviewed my Domino mag about my favorite organizing product at Target. Check it out, along with six other fantastic products!


“Marie Kondo at Work: Can Your Office ‘Spark Joy’?”

I talked with Knowledge@Wharton about how we can bring KonMari into the workplace. As a former Wharton employee, it was fun to connect the dots on how we can use these principles to simplify life, at home AND at work.


“How to Declutter Your Home, According to a Local KonMari ExperT”

A big part of my job is helping people to understand the difference between “I love this” and “Eh.” I chatted with one of the Philadelphia region’s top publications about what “spark joy” means and how to begin your KonMari journey.


“Spark Joy: Tidying Up With Shirley Min”

I got to sneak into the home of Shirley Min, host of WHYY’s weekly show You Oughta Know. Shirley had already done so much work with KonMari, but she was a little stuck on Komono. I gave her a few tips to keep her moving along. The KonMari story starts at 04:24.


“Toys taking over? 4 simple ways to de-clutter your child’s playroom”

Our kids are trying to grow and learn, but when their environments are overwhelmed with too much clutter, their little brains can go into overload, which can affect behavior, concentration and mood. In this article, I use the principles of Simplicity Parenting to share 4 simple ways to tame children’s toys.


“I tried Marie Kondo's 'KonMari' decluttering hacks for 8 months. Here's what happened".”

One of my lovely clients, Dana Oliver (@_danaoliver), is a beauty and fashion editor. She published a piece in @YahooLifestyle about our work together. Dana shares some of my favorite tips and products, so check it out if you’re looking for some behind-the scenes intel on how to KonMari your own things.


“WGAL's Kim Lemon tidies her closet using Marie Kondo's KonMari Method”

I had a blast working with WGAL’s veteran news anchor, Kim Lemon. She was a great sport and dug right into her own closet. She even donated some beautiful pieces to Career Wardrobe, which helps women dress for success when they are returning to the workforce.



I sat down with Lauren Simko of Areté to talk all things KonMari. Nestled in scenic Unionville, PA, Areté is a “young, homegrown business that focuses on green business practices and sustainability.”



Are you curious about the squad of certified KonMari consultants who are helping others #choosejoy around the world? Check out this article in Quartzy to learn more.


“Why You Should Resist the Urge to Clean Out Your Closet”

Wait, what? Aren’t you supposed to me ENCOURAGING people to clean out their closets?! Yes, I am! In this article, the author plays devil’s advocate and issues a cautionary tale. She encourages us to not just clean out our closets so that we can go right back out and buy more. If you want to learn more about this, check out my blog on how to buy LESS.


“Stress Free Holiday Joy”

It was fun to join fellow KonMari consultants and co-hosts of the Spark Joy podcast, Karin Socci and Kristyn Ivey. In this pre-holiday episode, we discuss how you can “4D the holidays”, that is how you can apply one of my favorite time management tools - the 4Ds - pioneered by Julie Morgenstern. The holidays are supposed to a time of joy, not overwhelm!


“you can do this”

The Closet Works featured one of my most popular blogs on their website, along with a few bonus tips on how to maximize your space.


consultant stories

While at a retreat in North Carolina with fellow #KonMariConsultants, I sat down to talk about my own journey with KonMari. Watch highlights on that conversation on the KonMari website as well as the YouTube Channel.