Preparing for our First Session

You can do a few simple things to make our first session successful.


get your supplies ready

  • Please have contractor bags on hand: They can be found at hardware stores or on Amazon here.

  • Save boxes and bags for a few weeks: If we'll be doing books or komono, please try to save cardboard boxes and plastic grocery bags for several weeks in advance so that we can use them for packing heavier books and fragile items for donation.


get yourself ready

  • Eat a nice big breakfast: We'll be working hard for 5 hours, with short breaks as needed, so make sure you have the energy you need. I'll be bringing some snacks for myself, so no need to worry about me.

  • No need to clean up! It's helpful for me to see your space in its "natural state" so that you can really help me see what's working and what's not.

  • Reduce potential distractions: Figuring out what "sparks joy" takes a lot of focus. Make sure that you have a window of 5 hours without phone calls, interruptions, etc. so that can make the most of your time.

  • Set aside your unmentionables: If there are items that are particularly delicate or private, feel free to set them aside in a private place.

  • Gather your clothing: Typically, our first category will be clothing. For a sneak peek at the process that we will use, you can review a blog post that I wrote here. Make sure you have everything out of the laundry, from the dry cleaners, etc. We'll want to work with all of your clothes, even off-season clothes.



  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel at the last minute, please text me at 484-753-1681, versus sending me an email. I don’t often check my email late at night or early morning.

  • Parking: If you live in the city and you'll be taking advantage of my $30 carry-away service, we'll need to discuss parking.

  • Terms and conditions: After you schedule your first session, I will send my Terms & Conditions for you to review and sign digitally. This contains important information about cancellations, confidentiality, etc.