How to give your items a second life

Have you ever felt amazing after a day of de-cluttering, only to realize that you have NO idea what to do with all the things that you’re ready to let go of? Should I donate this? Does this have value? Should I have a garage sale? Should I consign? Can I recycle? Where? 

Never fear! I’ve got some resources to help. 

There are many excellent organizations right in our community that can make use of items that you no longer need. 

For example, did you know that …

  • Many animal shelters need your old sheets and towels?

  • You can recycle old electronics while supporting job creation?

  • Your professional clothes can help women get back into the workforce?

  • There’s something called the “Free Store” right in Media?

My website houses a list of some of my favorite organizations where you can donate your items. It also includes a link to the brand new Discarding Guide by KonMari, and there is even information about how to consign and sell things that may have significant value. 

Always be sure to visit their respective websites to learn more about drop-off locations, hours and each organization's wish list. These organizations are often volunteer-run, so their hours and needs change frequently. 

So, thank those items for the years of service that they have given you, and send them on their new journey with pride!