You’ve got important work to do.

Photo by  Michael Hirsch  on  Unsplash

These days, there is a lot of important work to do.

There are wrongs to be made right.

There are children to raise into kind human beings.

There are lives to be improved.

There is beauty to be created. 

We don't have time to be bogged down with physical and emotional clutter. 

We don't have time to be surrounded by things, people, and activities that drain us.

We need all the energy we can muster to do our important work.

Taking the time to clear out your physical, mental, and emotional clutter is a HUGE step in freeing yourself up to do your most important work.

Every day, I have the unique honor of going into my clients' homes to help them de-clutter and simplify their lives. We get into real, deep conversations about how our stuff and our frantic lifestyles are making us feel stressed-out, overwhelmed, and depleted. 

Together, we get the stuff and mental clutter out of the way so that they can do THEIR most important work.

It's my small contribution to the world. As Mother Teresa said, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

Ready to eliminate what's weighing you down so that you can do YOUR most important work? 

There are lots of ways:

  1. Read this blog post, which gives you a step-by-step guide to how to start the first KonMari category - Clothing.

  2. Get inspired at one of my upcoming events and meet others who are ready to get going.

  3. Watch The True Cost documentary. You'll instantly want to buy and have less.

  4. Get to know the impactful organizations where you can donate the things that (used to) weigh you down.

  5. And if you're REALLY ready to get going, let's talk. Contact me here.

Let's get some ripples going, my friends.

We've got important work to do.