The life-changing magic of a morning routine

Morning Journal.PNG

I’ve been doing the Mindset Reset program with Mel Robbins this month and it is ROCKING MY WORLD. If you haven’t heard of Mel or this program, go to her website at and check it out. It’s a FREE, month-long program to help you literally re-program your brain so that you can create a healthier and happier mindset.

One of the most important life-changing aspects of the course has been establishing a morning routine.

Thanks to Mel, I now have a science-backed routine to start my day. Here goes...

  • Wake up at 6:20 am. (NO snoozing. The phone alarm goes off in the bathroom. I get out of bed, turn off the alarm but I do NOT look at my phone.)

  • Make the bed.

  • Take a shower, get dressed and put on makeup.

  • Sit down with my cup of tea and my 5 Second Journal page. (You can print out your own blank printable pages for free right here.)

  • I reflect on my mood, my most important project for the day, what I’m grateful for, and whatever else I need to braindump.

  • Then at 7:10 am, my daughter wakes up. I get her ready for school, knowing that I’ve already had 50 minutes, all to me, to start my day with intention.

I’m feeling pretty smug and proud because I recruited my sometimes-skeptical best friend to do the program with me, and she is feeling some MAJOR #lifechangingmagic from the program. #browniepoints

If you’re up for a mindset reset and to learn more about Mel’s ideas for how to start your day with energy and intention, head on over to her site.