What are your colors?!


Pre-PS - I’ve got an amazing new partnership going and I’ve got a special code for you today! Read on to learn more ….


I’ve always been super fascinated that some people can wear certain colors, and others can’t. I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, “This does nothing for me”, or “I look so drab in this”. But how do we know exactly WHICH colors light us up and which drag us down?

A few years ago, I did some internet research and tested out the theories with a friend who clearly had a different complexion from me. We learned that I was “cool” and she was “warm”. A peach shirt made me look like a corpse. That same peach shirt made her look like a sun-kissed goddess.

But I always wanted to know more. What are ALL the colors that look great on me? And what are ALL the colors that don’t?? How can I stop wasting money on things that don’t work? Do I look good in black?? I certainly hoped so, since it was practically my uniform.

I also really wanted to help my clients figure it out. Sometimes, when we are doing their clothes, I hear from them, “Nothing sparks joy.” At the end of the day, I want all of my clients to feel amazing TODAY, not someday when they are where they “should” be.

So this is why I was STOKED when I discovered Jeannie Stith, aka the Color Guru, on Instagram (@yourcolorguru). Not only was her whole business helping people to identify their best colors, she was right around the corner in good ‘ol Wilmington, DE! (#homestate).

We wasted no time in meeting In Real Life. Over coffee and plate-sized chocolate chip cookies at Terrain, we quickly learned that we are kindred spirits.

So, this is where the rubber hits the road. Jeannie has already given me my own amazing color consultation, and I FINALLY know my colors!! Turns out that I am a Moonlit Winter. (How romantic, right?!?), and I now have beautiful laminated color cards (and digital files for my phone) for both clothing and make-up. She even identified five colors that are particularly special and unique to me. AMAZING.

All I had to do was fill out a short questionnaire and send her a few photos. Then we had a 25 minute video chat, and she sent me my cards - by email and snail mail.

Because I am so jazzed about helping my clients spark more joy. Jeannie is offering 10% off any of her color consultation packages if you use the code INDIGO.

I find her packages to be uber affordable, not to mention the fact that this knowledge will save you LOADS of money. No more buying things that don’t work.

Head on over to Jeannie’s site to check it and pick the package that works for you. And then, tell me ALL about it.