Would you wait in line 30 minutes for that?

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You’re in line at your favorite store. In your hands, you’ve got a scented candle, a pair of sunglasses, and a mug with a cute inspirational saying. (You should have gotten a cart.)

You’ve also got a shirt that you’re worried might be a little too baggy, or not quite the right color, but it should be fine. 

An announcement comes over the loudspeaker that the registers are down and will not be up again for 30 minutes.

Would you wait?

Or would you put that stuff down and walk out of the store?

That question is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE question to teach people who are trying to buy less. It often quickly short-circuits that natural knee-jerk reaction to “treat ourselves”.

This is just ONE of the brilliant questions on Sarah Von Bargen’s (@yesandyesblog) Before You Buy wallet card, and it’s hands down one of the best tools that I have discovered since becoming a KonMari consultant. 

Other favorites include: “If I hadn’t seen the price tag, how much would I be willing to pay for it?” or “Will this make my life significantly easier or more awesome?”

If it’s a “no”, it’s ok. Just walk out of the store. Right now. 

Put down the candle. Put down the slightly-wrong shirt. Put down the mug with the inspirational saying. Hand them to a friendly sales associate with a wink and a smile and go get yourself a latte instead. 

Because really, we have enough. We have too much. We don’t need more. 

To get YOUR free wallet card, follow this direct link. And be sure to follow her on Instagram and peruse her site - she has a wealth of information on how to “put your money where your happy is.”

Your house (and your sanity) thank you.