Mama! I’m like Kiki!


It’s going to be a short and sweet one this week because this month has been BONKERS! (I’m already 3 days behind schedule on posting, but who’s counting?)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that the joy sparks have been flying up in New York City. I am now officially a KonMari instructor, training the next cohorts of aspiring KonMari consultants. I’m feeling some major ripple effects in motion, as these lovely people prepare to spread out across the world and help so many people create lives that spark joy. Check out all the action!

What I REALLY want to talk to you about today is Marie’s new book, Kiki & Jax, which was co-written and illustrated by one of my favorite children’s authors, Salina Yoon

It dropped on my front step the day it came out, and it debuted in our household at bedtime that very night. 

I am smitten. This book is SO DARN CUTE. It’s about a little squirrel who likes to collect and a little owl who likes to tidy. Together, they learn how to make room for the things that spark joy, especially their friendship.

My 7-year-old daughter is a bit of a packrat and has a LOT of attachment to her things, so I was really curious to see how she would react. 

Well, my friends, the life-changing magic was practically instant. Here’s a little peek into her reaction at bedtime that first night.

  • “Mama! I’m like Kiki! I like to collect things.”

  • “Those boxes that they use to sort their things are SO cute. Could WE make cute boxes for donating?”

  • “I know it’s bedtime, but can I pleeeeease try this out on a few of my things?” (To which I replied “Um, YEAH! I’m up for a little late-night organizing session ANYTIME.” #introvertpastimes)

  • “Hmmm …. I’m not letting go of enough. This is harder than I thought…”

  • “I guess I don’t really need this. I think another kid might like it.”

Even tonight, when I FaceTimed her from the hotel, she immediately brought the phone up to her room and asked if we could do a little virtual session. 


Even though I help people simplify for a living, sometimes our own family members are our toughest clients. I’m thrilled that she was finally able to understand these concepts in a language that meets her at her learning level.

I envision it being a great conversation starter for parents and kids around how we can make space for the things that we love so that our spaces, and our time together, can be more joyful. 

Let me know if you pick up the book and what reactions you get in your household! I’d love to hear!